Mahmoudreza Elahi Fard believes that with the entrance of products to Commodity Exchange, the transparency and discovering of the real price of the products would increase and in conclusion with the increment of competition and sale amount, we would experience growth of the companies that entered Commodity Exchange such as minerals and cement.

Tehran, May .24 (SENA) – The managing director of Sea Volex Brokerage company believed the exit of products from ordered prices to be as an action to increase transparency in product-related markets and uttered in an interview with SENA: This action has been implemented after a long time of struggle; so that we have recently observed the numerous weekly acceptances especially in the field of minerals and cement in the Commodity Exchange.

Elahi Fard added: It should be noted that the entrance of major companies is an action which results in the entrance of other companies to this market in order to use the advantages of offering their products in Commodity Exchange so that in this condition, the companies would make use of the benefits of being active in this market from being transparent and discovering the logical prices based on supply and demand.

He declared: It is possible that the companies would also have appropriate sale condition out of bourse, but knowing the price transparency and even sale amount for the investors and stockowners of these companies by being in Commodity Exchange is a white point that should be attended; because if not, it is probable that the stockowners will not be informed about the ad- and disadvantages in the rite time. Therefore, this action, has a favorable effect on the betterment of companies’ condition in bourse and their transparency and also the fairness of the market.

The managing director of Sea Volex brokerage company insisted: As aforesaid, entering Commodity Exchange for the market’s activists increases transparency for both sides of supply and demand; this subject has a positive effect on the number of customers and in conclusion the sale amount, because in such conditions the purchasers can intend to buy their products by having more accurate details about products and their prices with more assurance. In this condition, and with the numerous clients, we would experience better competition in this field and also better prices would be discovered.


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