Amir Seyedi believes that the elimination of capital gains tax in the capital market was the right decision; At the same time, it is appropriate to tax the capital market and instead tax areas that have not been taxed for many years, in order to establish the necessary balance between different sectors of the economy.

Tehran, April. 10 (SENA)-"The issue of capital gains tax exists in many parts of the developed world and needs to be implemented in our country as well," said CEO of Amin Sahm, in an interview with the Securities and  Exchange News Agency (Sena). In my opinion, real estate is one of the most important areas that can be covered by capital gains tax.

"Real estate is one of the largest sectors of the economy and covers a wide range," Seyedi added. Accordingly, a lot of profit is identified in this area, which, if a tax was levied in our country, could have greatly contributed to the development of infrastructure as well as the issue of economic justice.

The capital market activist stated: In the markets of most countries, if it is recognized in a profit transaction, it will be taxed. The same is true of the stock market, it can be said that there is a kind of capital gains tax in the stock market already. In other countries, the shorter you trade, the higher the stock tax, and if you plan to invest in the long term, the tax will go down.

He further stated: The tax on the purchase and sale of shares last year was about 17 thousand billion tomans, which shows that the capital market has paid more taxes than all other markets; This is a type of capital gains tax that was heavily cashed and received over the past year.

The capital market expert added: "I think it is irrelevant that in the current situation we want to talk about capital gains tax for the capital market, because as mentioned, the sales tax on capital market transactions has been paid for years." ; So if we want to define a capital gains tax for the capital market, we have in fact introduced a kind of double tax in this area; While it is appropriate to help the capital market so that this market can grow higher, so that we see the formation of fixed capital in the legal institutions of listed companies and as a result the growth of the country's economy.

He stressed that in the capital market, not only traders but also companies are transparent and also pay their taxes transparently, something that may not be the case in other sectors of the economy; So this decision is right and should remain so for at least several years before it can compensate for the capital market compared to other markets that have not paid taxes. Keep in mind that the benefits of this measure can be seen throughout the economy.


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