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A capital market expert, by examining the factors of stock market growth and decline in 1399, considered the formation of re-growth possible in the shadow of new decisions.

Tehran, March. 14 (SENA)-Hooman Amidi, CEO of the Ayandeh andishan Iranian Investment Co, said in examining the ups and downs of the capital market this year: "The year 99 of the stock market was accompanied by severe fluctuations; So that at the beginning of the year and following the trend formed since 1398, it started its work with a strong rally and this growth reached its peak in August. But from the end of August, the market entered a very sharp and erosive reform that continued until March.

He described the "inflow of liquidity" as the most important factor in the growth of the capital market at the beginning of this year, adding: "Since the beginning of the year, the formation of a wave of public entry into the stock market was a new issue due to the devaluation of the national currency." In a situation where investments in property, cars, gold and currency had taken place before, and in these markets, prices had reached their saturation limits and the general public was looking for a new place to invest.

The two-pronged market showed itself to new investors!

Fadak Holding consultant called "investment space without analysis" the reason for the increasing inflow of liquidity into the market in the first 5 months of 1999 and said: "This space was very good for the people until August, because they bought every share and made a profit. They made sweets from the capital market.

What were the lessons of Stock Market 99?

The CEO of Ayandeh Andishan Iranian Investment Company described the developments of the capital market in 1999 for shareholders and managers with many lessons.

Formation of a serious determination to regrow the stock market

The capital market expert considered the recent movements as a basis for improving the stock market situation and said: "Despite the many factors of heavy market reform, the important thing is that a serious determination has been formed for the stock market to grow again;" So that this is important in the plans and measures of the new head of the Securities and Exchange organization and the changes made in the body of managers of this organization are also well known.

Where is the 1400 stock going?

Examining the conditions facing the capital market, the consultant of Fadak Holding, describing the movement of this market in the next year, said: It can be said that the market is ready for sustainable and medium growth.

Parallel markets are in recession

Referring to the significant growth in parallel markets in recent months, the CEO of Ayandeh Andishan Iranian Investment Company said: In the absence of stock market growth and lack of investment attractiveness in the capital market during the last 7 months, parallel markets such as currency, coin, housing and automobile markets They received liquidity and experienced a lot of growth. But these markets have now grown and will enter a recession in the coming months.

He described these markets as shifting to time correction and added: "With the tax regulations that are to be applied in the discussion of housing and car transactions, the reduction of speculation incentives in these markets will not be far from expectation and these markets will suffer."

Amidi assessed the forthcoming opportunity as suitable for the re-growth of the stock market and specified: in this opportunity, part of the lost stock return returns, but for further growth of the capital market, improving the fundamental factors of companies and also formulating appropriate rules and regulations of the capital market It will be effective.


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