A capital market expert predicted that the historical ceilings of this group will be broken due to the continued growth of commodity prices in global markets.

Tehran, March. 01 (SENA)-Mohammad Rezanejad told the Securities and Exchange News Agency (Sena): "As we see in global markets, the prices of most commodities are rising and this group is breaking historical ceilings." Therefore, with this event, we expect that the shares related to this category of goods will experience significant growth.

He added: "Currently, more than 60% of the capital market is affected by global commodity prices, and various groups such as refining, mineral metal and petrochemicals are benefiting from commodity price growth."

The capital market expert also stated about the situation of other groups: in the automotive group, if the offers are accepted in the commodity exchange instead of being transferred to intermediaries, we expect profitability growth; In a way, this group may come out of the accumulated losses.

He continued: "For the pharmaceutical group, if there is a price increase commensurate with the increase in costs and the profit margin of this group is maintained, we expect price growth and profitability growth."

According to Rezanejad, in the banking group, with the improvement of the country's economic situation and the possibility of reviving relations with Western countries, one can hope for profitability growth; Provided that the bank interest and the ceiling of costly deposits for banks do not increase compared to the deposits that are free.

He noted that the banking group could still be considered by the market, given the significant improvements they have made. But in other groups, although some single stocks can be expected to grow, we do not expect significant profitability growth.

Rezanejad said that a number of companies can be associated with price growth and profitability due to their development plans, adding: "Another group that can be hoped for profitability growth is the group of non-metallic ores." Most of the group's shares have development plans that will be operational by 1400, and the market can welcome these companies.

The capital market expert, meanwhile, added: "Of course, many of these events also depend on parliamentary decisions on the budget." Therefore, with the final approval of the budget, many ambiguities that have led to the reduction of stock prices will be compensated and the market will experience a growing trend from the second half of March and the election days in a stronger way.


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