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A capital market analyst believes that digital currencies need an official channel in the country, otherwise they are a factor for major sabotage.

Tehran, Feb. 23(SENA)-Homayoun Darabi in an interview with Securities  and Exchange News Agency (Sena); He pointed to the digital currency market in the country and said: "We are currently in an unfavorable situation of sanctions and any outflow of currency from the country will create more unfavorable conditions, on the other hand, considering that we do not have basic cryptocurrency structures in the country, ie centers and there are no official sites for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, so they are not monitored.

He added: "Ilan Musk's talk about not buying bitcoins may be due to pressure from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, because the US Federal President is opposed to cryptocurrencies, and in the UK, big banks have taken a hard line against digital currencies. Currencies have a destructive structure for traditional banking in the world.

The capital market analyst added: "The expansion of cryptocurrencies increases international sabotage, because cryptocurrencies are among the things that can be used in illegal operations if they are not closely monitored."

He advised people who want to invest in this currency code: it is better for people to pay attention to a few things, first, that the sites they trade in are not official, and second, that international sites do not have a good history for Iranians, why? They closed the accounts of the Iranians several times and locked the assets because they believe that the transfer of assets from the bags to the stock market or vice versa may be lost. Third, the outflow of foreign currency from the country is detrimental to the country's economy. .

Darabi stated: Considering that we have a number of official miners in the country, it seems that if the Securities  and Exchange Organization enters in this field and grants the relevant licenses for the currency code market, investors can operate in this market in Rials and officially. And fix the current unhealthy situation.

In response to the question of whether in such circumstances an institution or institution is defined for the cryptocurrency or not? He said: the  Securities and Exchange Organization is in a critical situation, on the other hand, according to the law, the launch of any stock Market is subject to the approval of the Supreme Stock  market Council, so sites that introduce themselves as digital currency Securities  and Exchange must have the necessary license from the Securities  and Exchange Organization.

Darabi said: "At the moment, it seems that the licensing of one or two cryptocurrency funds will solve the problems, because the Ministry of Industry, Mine  and Trade has issued an official license to extract digital currency in the country, if they transfer the currency to official funds." The great risk of currency outflow from the country is eliminated.

He said: "Of course, we should not forget that digital currency fluctuates a lot. Once it fell from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, however, this situation may be repeated and cause a lot of losses."

The market analyst noted: "People who are now withdrawing their capital from the stock market and are in buying queues are people who were frightened, that is, seeing the downtrend of the market, the sales queues were also worried about their capital, and the stock market." It is now in the stage of emotional sales if they will definitely see price growth by holding their shares in the coming months.


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