"Auxiliary tools are needed by the market at some points, but it is better for market makers to come to the aid of these tools to better control the situation," said the CEO of Sina Brokerage.

Tehran, Feb. 09(SENA)-Ramin Malmasi in an interview with Securities  and Exchange News Agency (Sena); Referring to the recent action in the Supreme Council of the Stock Market to approve the range of asymmetric fluctuations, he said: "Given the prevailing market conditions, the range of asymmetric fluctuations is a supportive decision, but this is a matter that has been studied for months and finally approved Is located.

He expressed hope that this decision will return the market to its positive direction and investors will invest in this market with more confidence.

The capital market expert also assessed the role of market makers in the current situation of the capital market and added: "If each market maker plays its real role, the market will not reach emotional states and there will be no need to control the behavior of shareholders."

Malmasi said: "The market is not always bullish and there is a correction somewhere, so it remains to be seen how market participants act and whether their activities are aimed at gaining the trust of shareholders and proper management of the stock market or not?" They need to be present in the market in a way that controls unconventional behaviors and drive the market towards more liquidity.

The capital market expert also pointed to the impact of social networks on the capital market, adding: "Today, cyberspace is so vast that every capable or beginner in the field of stock Market has launched signaling channels to shareholders, certainly We know we can not suppress people's behavior in cyberspace; Therefore, if there is a plan to support real capable people who are in cyberspace, signaling and targets of a few days may be less seen, so it is suggested that a plan be considered for this issue as well.


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