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9 February 2021 - 12:38
تفاهمنامه بورس کالا

Reza Mohtashami Pour announced the agreement of cooperation between the social security investment company and Iran’s Commodity Exchange in order to implement the resistive economic policies, have growth in production, create a better condition for business and develop national economy.

Tehran, Feb.09 (SENA) – As SENA reports, Reza Mohtashami Pour mentioning the subject of the agreement between SSIC and Iran’s Commodity Exchange, cited: Cooperating in the development of the transactions of commodities and the bonds, which are based on products, from SSIC and their subsets in Iran’s Commodity Exchange is the main theme of this agreement.

The First Topic, Transparency

The deputy of Iran’s Commodity Exchange stating that this agreement was signatured based on three main topics, uttered: Firstly, the subordinates of SSIC, in order to create transparency in the income and transactional prices, are intending to offer their products in Iran’s Commodity Exchange; this procedure has just started and some products are being accepted and some of them, after being accepted, had successful transactions.

The Second Topic, Offering Properties

He claimed about the second topic of this agreement that in order to offer the extra properties of SSIC the necessary data should be collected and the properties ought to be separated to the ones which can be offered in the Commodity Exchange; after that the documents would be completed and sent to the Commodity Exchange to be accepted and offered.

The Third Topic, Simplifying the Guarantees

Mohtashami Pour remarked: Due to the guarantee of SSIC for the subsets of this company in the procedures of the transactions of the Commodity Exchange, we can use the guarantees of this company for offerings of smaller companies; however, for professionally analyzing the three mentioned topics in this agreement, it was ratified to have a group with the managers of Commodity Exchange and SSIC in the next two weeks to follow and trace each topic separately.

The Earlier Relation of Commodity Exchange & SSIC

The deputy of Iran’s Commodity Exchange answering the question of if there are commodities which are recently accepted and offered in the Commodity Exchange from the subsets of SSIC, declared: The entrance of the new subset companies of SSIC has just been recently on the agenda but there are few products which had a successful offering in the Commodity Exchange.

He added: Commodity Exchange had a close and early relation with SSIC, that some of the biggest suppliers in the Commodity Exchange are subsets of SSIC and as a matter of fact, the agreement which is latterly signatured added many vital steps to the former capacities.

Mohtashami Pour stating that every company that uses the capacities of Iran’s Commodity Exchange would be connected to a market as vast as this whole country, continued: Commodity Exchange is an appropriate platform for making the transactions transparent; this transparency for the public institutions has a specific attraction because via the entrance of companies in the Commodity Exchange, there would be no need of strict inspections to create transparency and in this condition, there would also have no worries about the sale mechanisms.

He lastly reclaimed: According to this, the capacities of the markets of Commodity Exchange are an appropriate opportunity for developing SSIC and would create an opportunity on the other side for the Commodity Exchange to design and implement modern financial products and simplify financings of SSIC companies.


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