The OTC admission manager of Iran announced the launch of a new market called the target market and said: the latest instructions and admission conditions in this market will be informed to capital market activists in the near future.

Tehran_Nov. 25 (SENA) - In an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency (Sena), Mona Sadat Kaboli said: "Many files that are sent to Iran's OTC market and do not meet the conditions of the first and second markets will be ready to be accepted in this market."

Regarding the latest news and information on the admission of companies in the first and second markets, he also stated: In the field of pharmaceutical materials and products, Iran Antibiotic Manufacturing Company was accepted.

Iran's OTC admission manager added: "In the field of iron and steel casting, Iran's ferroalloy industries were accepted, and in chemical products, for the first time, a company called Coal Tar Refining, which produces tar products, was accepted." Also in the field of adhesive industry, Razi Chemical Company was accepted.

Kaboli continued: In the field of IT and related activities, Negin Software Systems Development Company (Tusan) was accepted.

Kaboli added: "In the investment industry, the Pension Fund Investment and Management Services Company also received a positive vote from the Admissions Board." Also in industrial contracting, Energy Industries Design and Engineering Company was accepted.

The OTC admission manager of Iran further announced the conditional admission of Tepsi and said: in the field of transportation and communications, the first startup with the brand name "Tepsi" called Aramis Knowledge Technology Pioneers Company after expert evaluation and several meetings with this applicant.  conditionally accepted in the secondary market, which was the opinion of the Admission Board on the special audit of the company's financial statements.

He added: "After announcing the special audit opinion, the company can be accepted in the secondary market, otherwise, after re-designing in the admission board, the target market proposal will be proposed."

In the end, Kaboli asked the applicants in various industries to use the admission consultants with official licenses from the Exchange Organization to facilitate the admission process in OTC Iran and the trusted auditors of the stock market should audit the latest financial information.

The OTC admission manager of Iran also emphasized:

 Capital market activists should monitor the admission news of companies only from the OTC Iran website and official sources and should not base their decision-making on unofficial and unverified news and information published on some social networks.


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