Tehran,Dec.23(SENA) - A member of the Iranian parliaments is of the opinion that it is quite constructive for the Persian rug market to enjoy Iran Mercantile Exchange's assistance to organize the market and enhance pricing transparency.

According to  the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Mohammadreza Pourebrahimi who represent Southern city of Kerman in the parliament  told the reporters that Iran Mercantile Exchange can provide Persian rug weavers with direct access to the end-user  market which in turn is translated into elimination of middlemen and negative role they play in manipulation of the prices .

Persian rug has always been an important item in  the country's non-petroleum export category and in that sense, enhancement of transparency in pricing mechanisms, with the help of IME , for sure will entail positive consequences so long as boosting non-petroleum export is concerned, he added.

"The pros of IME in handling the Persian rug market is twofold: firstly organizing the pricing  process in a fair and equitable way to the benefit of both weavers and costumers, and secondly: promoting the quality of the product and making it more competitive in the  international markets because  compliance with IME's  conspicuous quality standards is a fundamental prerequisite for enlisting any merchandise including hand woven rugs and carpets in the mercantile exchange."SENA quoted Pourebrahimi as saying.

Currently, more than 2 million individuals,he said, are active in the Persian rug industry out of which over 200,000  are residents of the Kerman province. That clearly signifies the importance of Kerman in such important and yet in need of more attention national industry of Iran


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