Tehran.Dec.18 (SENA) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran says that thanks to the solidarity and resistance on the part of both great Iranian nation and the government, pressures of the U.S imposed sanctions against Iran have been blunted to the tune that not only the economy has not weakened but also it has been improving ever since in all economic aspects.

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Hassan Rouhani the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran who was making remarks in a meeting with Iranian expatriates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia asserted: Iranian government made it clear that ambiguities and disputes with other countries will be resolved through negotiations.

Iran is ready to resolve regional and international disputes by negotiations and to have closer ties with other countries, he added.

Contrary to  what enemies imagined, Iranians who have had hard life due to unfair sanctions, resisted and changed maximum pressure to opportunity, President Rouhani furthered.

Rouhani predicted that Iran will experience positive economic growth this year, adding that Iran has reached self-sufficiency in various fields.

"Iran has made good progress in different fields such as  nanotechnology, aerospace and biotechnology over the last few years, and has increased joint research projects of with foreign universities",  SENA quoted Iranian president as saying.

Today, the atmosphere in Iran is suitable for attracting science and technology, he said adding that elites and researchers are recruited not only in universities and but in startups.


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