Tehran,Dec.16 (SENA) - An Iranian financial expert and market analyzer is of opinion that the capital market is at the center of attention of economic circles and all scholars agree upon the fact that the road to industrial and commercial prosperity passes through the avenues of capital market.

In an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency, Javad Eshghinejad  asserted:  the point is , only in the capital market citizens can make transparent and secure investments with whatever equity they can afford and expect  notable amount of returns at the right conjecture .

Given the special situation our country is in at the moment, turning liquidity into financial assets is the most wise and brainy tactic investors and savors can commit to deter devaluation of their assets over the passage of time , he added.

" Unlike real estate , gold or foreign currency markets, the level of redeemability in the capital market is relatively  high and that adds up to the numerous advantages investors and savors need to take into consideration when mulling on how to invest their assets."SENA quoted Eshghinejad as saying.


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