Tehran,Dec.16(SENA) - A financial expert and market activist says that Iran's next year budget is deemed to be financed through the capital market's mechanisms by unprecedented rate of %17 which is quite noteworthy in economical terms.

In an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency, Homayoun Darabi asserted: imposed sanctions on Iran have affected oil exports of the country and as a countermeasure to oppose them  ,the government has truly adopted alternative measures for financing the next year's budget one of which is to embolden the financing role  that the capital market has always had but this time around and given the situation we are in, it  comes more handy economically speaking.

Along with devotion of more attention to the capital market, the sale of public assets possessed by the government is another tactic to finance next year's budget . However the point is, the sale of aforementioned assets is going to be done through auctions organized by the stock market mechanism to increase transparency and pace of the sales, he added.

Darabi furthered: I am quite optimistic as to the capabilities of Iran's capital market in handling such huge duties upon its shoulders since we have had the experience of the banking system for performing a similar task in the past which turned out not very satisfactory in general. However, I do cordially hope that the lesson has been learned and past experiences  shed new  light on how to do the financing through the sale of public assets , but this time successfully through the capital market mechanisms.


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