Tehran, Dec.16(SENA) - Iran's minister of industry says that thanks to adopted policies for replacement of foreign imports with locally manufactured equivalent goods , so far 412 million Euros worth of imports have been cut off and the sums previously paid to buy foreign goods have been saved.

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Reza Rahmani  the minister of industry told the reporters that, main cut-offs have been made in the following industries:  automobile, petrochemical ,electric and electronic ,home appliances and rail road equipment.

We are working on further schemes to expand the coverage of reliance on locally manufactured goods and cut off even more imports which rough conjectures evaluate them to be more than 490 million Euros  in sum, he added.

"our main focus is on promotion of economic ties with our neighbors in the region and we do our level best to remove all impediments on way of expansion of commercial ties with our neighbors. That being said, several meetings and negotiations have been held with officials from Afghanistan, Oman,Uzbekistan,Kyrgyzstan and the republic of Azerbaijan all of which herald boost of commercial ties between Iran and the named countries as the time draws near."SENA quoted Rahmani as saying


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