Tehran, Dec.15 (SENA) - Iran's minister of economy says that given the all considerations involved , it turns out the stock market is the most secure and transparent option for investment with the highest rate of returns and lowest risks compared to other parallel markets .

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Farhad Dezhpasand in a press conference asserted: I admit that stock market may contain some fluctuation but the good news is that instability is temporary and thanks to firm financial infrastructures our stock market enjoys , equanimity and stability quite quickly replaces occasional oscillations of the prices which indeed is an immense advantage in terms of mid to long term investment policies.

"The stock market has two major advantages, on one hand it preserves the investment funds and provides  good returns and on the other hand,it channels floating liquidity into production sector and sets the wheels of national industries in motion."SENA quoted Dezhpasand as saying.


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