Tehran, Dec.07 (SENA) - A market activist and financial expert is of opinion that economic planners have to keep an eye to the salient role the capital market has in arrangement of next year's national budget such the utmost attention is devoted to realize tremendous potentials it has so far as financing is concerned.

I n an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency, Aliakbar Amin Tafreshi  said:  in whatever way the annual budget is arranged, there will be implicit and explicit impacts on the capital market due to the ways by which the government decides to raise funds for major projects and  also the regulations set forth to manage monetary policies  in national level.

He furthered: the point is, national economy ought to rely extensively on the capital market for managing the cash flow in financial circles and  that is of  immense gravity for the soundness of the economic upheavals.

"The fact is ,national economies are interwoven tangled webs of numerous factors of which some are local and the rest are yet to be determined by international markets . However, so far as local management of the economic policies is at the stake, I do urge economic planners to put the capital market on high priority in arrangement of next year's budget for the greater good of our national economy and further prosperity of our businesses and industries."SENA quoted Tafreshi as saying.


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