Shapour Mohammadi

Tehran,Dec.03 (SENA) - The head of the Iran's Security and Exchange Organization sounded out on the readiness of Iran's Mercantile Exchange to step in and handle the sale of real estate and properties possessed by the banks in line with the instruction directed at Iranian banks to get rid of excess assets they own .

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Shapour Mohammadi told the reporters that IME already has a platform to sale real estate via auction process which has been quite successful however the speculative sale of Banks' properties is deemed to occur on  one go and there won't be auction mechanism .

He asserted: the biggest advantage IME does have to get involved in above-mentioned scheme is its well established bureaucratic apparatus which  provides a transparent and smug free perspective for the sales to take place through which  the benefit of both banks and also buyers are preserved and secured.

It is worth noting,the plan is a step toward liberalizing the banks' resources to provide facilities for the country’s productive sector and to create more jobs. 

Some of the mentioned properties include 1,246 factory units and more than 277 livestock production units which investors can purchase or manage based on their expertise and experience.According to the officials, the proceeds from this plan will be injected into the banks again and the government won’t be the beneficiary in any case.


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