Tehran,Dec.03 (SENA) - The Managing Director of Dey Bank brokerage calls upon market activists and traders to never act on the basis of baseless rumors that circulate in the market.Instead, they should solely rely on technical analyses and official announcement made by supervisory entities such as SEO ans so on.

In an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency, Fardin Aghabozorgi said: there are many factors that have either direct or indirect impact on the capital market from the  local regulatory alterations to upheavals of international markets, all affect our capital market in one way or another thus, dexter traders should keep an eye open  to closely  follow up such trends and never make decision  merely on the basis of unfounded rumors all of which might have been disseminated by the unbenevolent individuals .

Talking about the recent petrol price hike in Iran, he added: all around the world the fuel price is subject to fluctuations of global market while in our country fuel is highly subsidized and anytime  the government  attempts to modify the prices,  inflation and market turbulence follows.

"In such conditions the best way to deter devaluation of floating liquidity is to invest in the stock market because it has been proved that Iran's capital market is the most stable and also most promising entity in which invest could be safely done with a bright future as to the returns investors ca glean over the course of time." SENA quoted Aghabozorgi as saying.

I do urge amateur traders to invest in the investment funds and gather up a portfolio, he said, comprised of different stocks rather than  investing in just  a single stock .That will enhance the security on investment drastically and a rewarding  return is highly probable to speculate.


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