Tehran, Dec.01 (SENA) - In a newly released announcement by the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran , four separate subset offices of SEO have been assigned to the task of supervision over the process of issuance of stocks in the Iran's capital market.

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, the SEO's main objectives for departmentalization of  the issuers affairs into four offices,  have been to enhance data disclosure and increase  market  transparency with the ultimate goal of  providing a more effective market for the investors.

What is more, the decision has been made based on “industry” in which all the listed companies are working so that the efficiency and efficacy of supervision on issuers is promoted accordingly.

The newly-established offices are as follow:

  1.  “Office of Supervision on Chemical Group” which covers the supervision on companies active in oil products, energy, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuff sectors,
  2. “Office of Supervision on Financial and Services Sector Issuers” which covers the supervision on companies active in financial services, banks, insurances, leasing, investment companies, telecommunications, and commercial (transportation) sectors,
  3. “Office of Supervision on Industry and Mine Group” which covers the supervision on companies active in mines and metals, machinery, cement and construction sectors, and
  4. “Office of Supervision on Trusted Auditors and Financial Reporting” which focuses on the supervision on trusted auditors.


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