Tehran,Dec.01(SENA) - A market activist and financial expert holds that in order to ameliorate the monetary management of floating liquidity in the market ,investing in stocks should be advertised because efficiency of the stock market for channeling funds into production sectors is unrivaled.

In an interview with Securities and Exchange News Agency, Mojtaba Shahbazi said: These days, the main source of  funding for businesses and industries is the banks' loan system which tend to be laborious and time consuming while getting funds through stock market mechanism is way  faster and easier in real terms.

"Another drawback associated with relying on banks for funding is the fees they charge for services they render  . On most occasions when  the amount of loan is considerable, the related fee goes up incrementally which could become a serious burden for business and industries in long run. That being said, funding through the capital market is totally free of charge and could be a major uplifting factor  when meticulously tailored budget is at stake for business planners of corporations." SENA  quoted Shahbazi as saying.

He furthered:  divers financial instruments are another key factor to be considered when mulling on the best possible way for financing .There are various financial instruments than can fit in any specific situation any given corporation is coped with to satisfy the best result and minimum snags.

In order to widen the scope of investment in the stock market, promotion of financial literacy is a must and all involved entities ought to take required measures to raise public awareness as to the great advantages of Iran's stock market for financing businesses and industries, Shahbazi concluded.


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