Tehran,Nov.25 (SENA) - A market activist and financial expert is of opinion that these days knowledge base companies are on the top rank of most efficient and profitable commercial enterprises both internationally speaking and in the capital market of Iran as well .

In an interview with Securities and Exchange News Agency , Amir Taghikhan Tajrishi , the managing director of Tejarat investment company asserted: previously , almost all top profitable enterprises in prominent capital markets used to be oil and gas companies , however the tide has changed and nowadays  the most wealthy and popular stocks belong to knowledge base companies all of which develop ideas, innovations and bright solutions to cope with technological challenges of our times.

" I am glad to say that also  in Iran , knowledge base enterprises are on the rise and each day more and more such companies are established with diverse areas of expertise and focus , that indeed is quite reassuring for a promising future of knowledge and technology in Iran in upcoming years." SENA quoted Tajrishi as saying.

He continued : Iranian government has offered very generous support for knowledge base companies and their involvement in all sectors of economy from services to production lines an IT is passionately encouraged which is very uplifting .

That being said I hope that, very soon knowledge base companies enjoy stronger presence in the stock market so that they can absorb their required funds with greater pace and ease to set the wheels of Iran's economy in motion and serve the society through innovations and scientific breakthroughs they are deemed to provide , Tajrishi concluded.


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