Tehran,Nov.25(SENA) - Iran's Minister of Economy says that in 2019 foreign investment in Iran has increased by %20 compared to the last year's overall foreign investment in all economic sectors.

According to Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Farhad Dezhpasand who was delivering remarks in a meeting with university scholars  said : we are counting on the capital market as a reliable source for funding businesses and industries  because we firmly believe that strong capital market paves the way for greater involvement of talented scholars in all economic fields and sectors.

"Despite all tricks the enemy has used to block the smooth flow of capitals and funds into Iran, not only the foreign investment in Iran has not been halted  but also it has notably increased  thanks to wise application of new funding techniques and initiatives set forth by our young and bright scholars and experts in the economics " he added.

Enhancement of economic resilience  together with diminishing bureaucratic snags and impediments requires practical and sharp solutions all of which we in the government expect Iranian young scholars to provide us with so that further steps for economic agility and boost of production can be taken ,Dezhpasand concluded.


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