Tehran,Nov.23 (SENA) - Iran's Vice President calls upon all governmental and public entities to take measures to cut off expenses as a key policy to counter high inflation rate in the market.

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Es'haq Jahangiri asserted: We in the government are diligently working on methods by which inflation in the market is curbed and to us, the most efficient technique is to  slim down the public expenses .

He added: High amounts of floating liquidity is another key factor to fuel inflation in the economy, hence adequate measures have been adopted to get liquidity under control and deter devaluation of the national currency all of which have been successful and purchase power of the people has not dropped since the Spring 2019 onward due to the aforementioned policies.

Jahangiri expressed hope that till the end of Winter , the downward slope of commodities' prices go on and citizens can enjoy cheaper goods and services thanks to efforts carried out by the government's economic team.


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