Tehran,Nov.23(SENA) - The Managing Director of Iran's Energy Exchange (IRENEX) says that the recent increase of petrol price in Iranian domestic market wont affect the scheduled offerings of IRENEX and they will go on as they have been planned.

According to the  Securities and Exchange News Agency, Sayyed Ali Hosseini said: not only the offerings wont be affected but also the prices of the products offered at IRENEX wont change simply  because our prices have already been tuned into international quotas and  independent from domestic price fluctuations.

"The primary target of our products which mainly revolve around petroleum and petrochemical industries are international markets , that is to say, we mostly concentrate on export rather than local market for our products" SENA quoted Hosseini as saying.

He continued: Iran has tremendous capacities for petrol production and the recent introduction of "Persian Gulf Petrochemical Plant" into the production line has  increased the already existing high petrol production capacities even more.

We are able and willing to satisfy all regional demands for petrol due to robust industrial infrastructure the country enjoys,Hosseini concluded.


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