Tehran, Nov.12 (SENA) - A member of the Iranian parliament says that the stock market has proven to be very efficient in channeling floating liquidities into the production sector in general and downstream oil industries in particular where financing is most needed.

According to the  Securities and Exchange News Agency, Ali Bakhtiyar who represents people of the central city of Golpayegan in the parliament said: to be specific, the downstream oil industry needs extensive investments most of which could be easily satisfied via financing apparatus set forth by our stock market systems. The takeaway of reliance on the stock market for financing is twofold; firstly floating liquidity is settled to produce industrial surplus added value for the greater good of the national economy and secondly, parallel nonproductive markets are deprived of the fuel they need to inflame the inflation and cause economic instability.

" Financing through the stock market will enable us to finalize pending construction projects in downstream oil industry projects also renew and overhaul existing installation and machinery way faster than any other financing system one can imagine. That being said, we in the parliament are ready to offer our utmost support for initiatives involving ways by which financing of the downstream oil industry though the stock market  can be facilitated in one way or another."  SENA quoted Bakhtiyar as saying .


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