Tehran, Nov.10 (SENA) - A market activist and financial expert is of opinion that the ongoing upheaval of Iran's capital market herald bright future as far as investment in securities is concerned and investors should be patient and waiting to amass good results out of their investment.

In an interview with Securities and Exchange News Agency , Vali Nadi Qomi said: Since the Spring 2019 onward the capital market has tripled in value and size which is quiet reassuring as to returns of investments done in the securities in general and shares in particular.

"The capital market is front-runner of all other parallel markets such as gold, foreign currencies and real estate and the ongoing upward trend will keep going provided the cash flow into stock and the securities remain uninterrupted" SENA quoted Qomi as saying.

Evaluation of enlisted companies since the Spring 2018 clearly depict over 17.5 percent betterment in net profits of industrial and commercial entities offered at Tehran Stock market and that is indeed an uplifting news investment wise, he added.

Qomi furthered: many factors are involved in performance of the capital market but in sum I can firmly say that now we enjoy favorable winds and are sailing  toward bright  horizons of financial prosperity and profitability.


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