Tehran, Dec.04 (SENA) - A high ranking official in SEO says that numerous initial public offerings have been lined up to take place gradually within upcoming months.

According to the Securities and Exchange News Agency report, Majid Norouzi the vice chairman of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization told the reporters that  the majority of corporations ready to launch initial public offering are categorized within 3 major groups of ready to offer, already offering and those that the offering is  yet being studied .

"As to equity strength of the new corporations ready to enter Tehran Stock Market I can say that just two of them which are active in the field of washing liquids totally have 3350 billion Rials worth of equity which is quite notable in the industry " SENA quoted Norouzi as saying.

The rest of companies lined up for initial public offering are mainly active in the industries including but not limited to : Cement, Petrochemicals, Tourism, Steel, Battery making and leasing services, he concluded.


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