Tehran,Nov.23(SENA) - The spokesman of Petrochemical Industry Contractors' Association is of opinion that modification of petrol price in the Iranian domestic market wont induce any negative impact on the Iran's petrochemical industry whatsoever.

In an interview with the Securities and Exchange News Agency, Ahmad Mahdavi  Abhari said:  petrol price hike is immaterial to the petrochemical industry and petrochemical plants will go on with their production  schedules to satisfy foreign and domestic needs respectively.

He added: as far as provision of fuels  for heavy trucks and trains is concerned, most of these vehicles run on Diesel fuel hence increase of petrol price has zero impact on transportation costs and expenses.

"Iran's petrochemical plants feed on  natural gas as their main raw material to produce petrochemical products and simply because natural gas has not been subject to the price increase, rationally speaking the final cost of such products wont get affected and remain as they are" SENA quoted Abhari as saying.


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